"CWP offers a no-cost and no-pressure way to learn about relevant topics without a large time commitment. The opportunity to network with other practitioners is invaluable."

M.M., Global HR Services, Agilent

“I joined the CWP Association to keep up to speed in the industry and learn how other companies are reacting to changes in health care reform, contingent labor and taxes. It keeps my finger on the pulse.”

V.B., Kaiser Permanente

“CW Professionals has it all - Share your experiences, expand your knowledge, cultivate best practices, and keep informed on the hottest topics in the CW marketplace.” 

J.U., Global Process Owner, Oracle

Membership Benefits

Why Join Contingent Workforce Professionals?  In the world of the Contingent Workforce Management, your success is enhanced with the help and guidance of others.  Contingent Workforce Professionals chapters provide vital, free national peer networking opportunities that you won’t find anywhere else:

•   Networking with your peers in national and local settings through the CWP LinkedIn group and website where you can ask questions and discuss Contingent Workforce and Supply Chain Management topics that are important to you.

•   Regular chapter meetings, featuring live, interactive panel discussions and informative webinars with industry leaders.

•   A national Contingent Workforce management event calendar, so you can find more ways to learn in your city. One calendar of all events pertaining to the discipline.

•   A glossary of CW terms when you’re looking for just the right thing to say.

•   Contingent Workforce Professionals archived presentations, a CWP blog, and other materials to increase your knowledge and skills.

•   Assistance in developing a CWP chapter in your city.

•   List of Guest Speakers (non-vendor) willing to do live speaking engagements, webcasts or podcasts to facilitate knowledge for your region.

Using all the tools Contingent Workforce Professionals has to offer, you can be a part of a growing community that builds and improves CW best practices!

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