"CWP offers a no-cost and no-pressure way to learn about relevant topics without a large time commitment. The opportunity to network with other practitioners is invaluable."

M.M., Global HR Services, Agilent

“I joined the CWP Association to keep up to speed in the industry and learn how other companies are reacting to changes in health care reform, contingent labor and taxes. It keeps my finger on the pulse.”

V.B., Kaiser Permanente

“CW Professionals has it all - Share your experiences, expand your knowledge, cultivate best practices, and keep informed on the hottest topics in the CW marketplace.” 

J.U., Global Process Owner, Oracle


There are a lot of professional online communities out there and it’s always tough to decide whether joining one will give you access to what you are looking for.  However, if you think about it, the power of these online discussions and interactions comes from leveraging the multiple experiences of individuals who are in your same or similar position who are or have worked through similar challenges and opportunities.  Sometimes you are the one sharing your knowledge on the topic to help others and that sure feels good. Knowledge share is a beautiful exchange that happens and it is a benefit to us professionally and personally.

Join in on our discussions and be a part of the association of your peers that are all talking about what you have in common, Contingent Workforce Management.  Below are just a few more reasons why you should bond with us.
1. Getting to the information you want.
There is no shortage of community sites that are engines for gathering and distributing information.  Most often they deal with the general topic of Human Resources.  They can be useful for posing your questions to a massive and broad number of people but often with no real knowledge of what their background is or if they are from similar roles to yours or if they just looking for business leads.  To leverage experiences of individuals that are in your same position or have been there before is always tough from a navigation perspective to find with many of these sites.  And if you find a relative thread it seems time consuming to filter through the spam messages and marketing tactics to get the information you are looking for. This is not the case with our site. Membership with CWP has a strict set of criterion and only qualified professionals who are enterprise employees and practitioners of Contingent Workforce Management can participate.  The members of CWP evaluate each new member before they can join.  This helps us to ensure that information sharing comes from reliable sources.
2. Now you’re speaking my language!
Do you ever find yourself searching or scanning for information online and you can’t find what you are looking for?  Trying to be very specific with keywords to really target what you are in need of is smart, but it doesn’t always get you what you need.  One thing you can count on being in the midst of your peers is that they speak your same language.
3. Gain trustworthy advice.
It’s time for your organization to make an important buying decision and you are looking for referrals or others that have gone through this process already to give some advice. Maybe it is selecting suppliers, a Managed Services Provider or a Vendor Management System.  What better way than to reach out to your peers to get valid feedback on vendors, processes, and even buying recommendations.  Switch the shoe to the other foot, you can also be an advocate having gone through a project and sharing your experience with others.
Join the discussion today and become a member of CW Professionals. 

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